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About Us

CoinwuT is an informational crypto blog that explains the technical sides of cryptocurrencies.

We don’t predict the market or do analyses. We just educate our readers about crypto in simple language.

We are inspired and motivated to spread the word and deliver useful, informative pieces that anyone can read and understand.

Day by day, cryptocurrency gains more and more visibility and use. People are using it to exchange monetary values as well as to build new types of networks to support games (Emergents TCG, for example) and other useful applications.

Cryptocurrency is one of the hottest technologies being explored in the 21st century, and it affects almost everyone directly or indirectly.

But even with its uses getting expanded quickly, plenty of people are still unaware of what cryptocurrency or blockchain even means.

Thus, we are inspired and motivated to spread the word and deliver useful, informative pieces that anyone can read and understand.

How Our Writing Process Works

We are all nerds in the good sense of the word. We are addicted to reading and learning, so we try to keep ourselves as fresh as possible about what’s going on in the crypto world.

Only by knowing plenty is that someone can give a good explanation even to newcomers who never got in touch with anything crypto-related.

We read a lot so that you can get informed through our easy writing. When it gets too technical, it is only because there is no other way to put the idea clearly.

When elaborating new posts, the questions asked are: what do people need to know about this specific subject? What exact points need to be carefully explained so that the readers will finish the post knowing as if they had researched themselves?

Some of us have close experience with cryptocurrencies, investing in them or following the development of some blockchains closely, so we bring all this knowledge into our articles.

Who We Are

All of us are passionate writers and technology lovers. Each of us have also different aspirations and hobbies, keeping the site balanced and bringing different perspectives that complement each other.

Our Team


Mateus is a writer at CoinWut based in Brazil. He is a tech enthusiast who writes for a living but he also studies Philosophy in college and pursues an academic career.

When he is not reading about tech or abstract matters, he finds comfort in listening to heavy music, reading fiction, and playing Magic.


Kevin is an electrical engineer based in Canada. He is an editor and the operator of CoinWut.

Our Mission

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, so making everyone aware of their existence, how they work, and how they can make everyone’s lives matter is our main goal.

We put effort into reading everything about the theme so we can help beginners navigate through the theme smoothly.

Whether you want to know what mining means or the difference between the several cryptocurrencies nowadays, we got you covered in every aspect.

Contact Us

Perhaps you already noticed that there is no comment section on any of our articles. That is to keep the site concise and focus on its informative character.

However, we are always glad to hear back from the readers, especially if they have any suggestions or need to point anything that sounds unclear. Give us a shout through this form if you want to address any of that.

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