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Does Uniswap Have An APP (Guide)

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If you’d like to exchange tokens across the Uniswap protocol, you can do it easily on their website.

Suppose you wanted to swap crypto tokens directly from your phone. How would you do that?

Read on to find out if Uniswap has an app and how you can use it.

Does Uniswap Have An APP?

Yes. Uniswap has an application.

The Uniswap application provides participants with a platform to make trades and transactions. It also provides various features that solves different client problems on the web and mobile application.

Can You Use Uniswap On Mobile?

You can use Uniswap on mobile. 

Uniswap provides its community of users and investors with web and mobile applications. 

Let’s look at some of the critical use cases of Uniswap.

  • Connect to multiple cryptocurrency networks.
  • Swap tokens to tokens or tokens to stablecoins.
  • Control over your chosen tokens.
  • Full access to communities on Twitter and Discord.
  • Voting for future amendments to the Uniswap protocol.

Today, you can access four networks on the Uniswap application. These networks include Ethereum, Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum.

Also, you can connect any of the following wallets to Uniswap for easy transfer or exchange of tokens. You can use Metamask, WalletConnect, Coinbase Wallet, and Formatic.

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  • You can swap any ERC-20 token.
  • You don’t need any sign up to use the application
  • It has a UNI token that allows developers to grow the network
  • You earn high-interest yields through liquidity provision.


  • There is a high risk of temporary loss of liquid pools. 
  • The transaction or gas fees fluctuate. Gas fees/transaction costs can be very high.

Does Uniswap Work On iPhone?

Uniswap works on the iPhone. 

You can easily swap, pool, observe your trading charts or vote on the Uniswap network using your iPhone.

The Freewallet project is one way to participate. This multi-crypto wallet has millions of users globally and offers a user-friendly, speedy and safe way to store Crypto.

Here are some of the features on the Freewallet:

Excellent Security

Freewallet offers unique offline cold storage to safeguard your crypto assets. Also, you get to select from a list of preferred security methods including Fingerprint login, Email confirmation for transactions, two-factor authentication, and more. 

Great Customer Support

Freewallet offers full-time customer support to all its users. They can help you initiate large exchanges and upgrade your Freewallet account. Also, it has multilingual support to accommodate more users.  

Buy Gift Cards

This application lets you use any crypto assets to buy gift cards on major online shops like Amazon and eBay. You follow a few steps and get the gift card on your mail signed up to your Freewallet account.

Exchange over 150 cryptocurrencies

You can swap or deposit most of the major crypto tokens like Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dash at exceptional rates. Users of the Freewallet enjoy free transfer of crypto within the application. 

Buy and Sell Cryptocurrencies

Any investor with the Freewallet can purchase tokens or sell them. You can fund the account using your debit or credit cards with ease. 

Here’s how to use Uniswap on an iPhone. 

  • Visit your App Store. 
  • Search for the ‘Freewallet Multi Crypto Wallet.
  • Download and install it. 
  • Open the application and follow the step-by-step guide above to use it.

Is Uniswap An App Or Website? 

Uniswap is both an application and a website. 

You can access Uniswap as a token on their website for information about the cryptocurrency or access their web application for other activities on Uniswap. Also, Uniswap has an application for its mobile users. 

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What Are The Applications Of Uniswap?

There are many decentralized applications built on the Uniswap protocol. These applications range from decentralized exchanges, cryptocurrency wallets, DeFi, governance, and more. Here are a few examples of the dApps:


Several applications on the Uniswap protocol work to facilitate and improve the services of decentralized exchanges. Best examples include Shapeshift and Aggregator.


MetaMask and Monolith are great examples of popular crypto wallets in the industry today. You can store, send and exchange your crypto assets through decentralized apps. Other examples include Dharma and imToken.


Uniswap hosts unique tools that help adopt blockchain technology in the future governance of projects. Boardroom and Tally are both web 3.0 tools that you can find helpful. 

How To Use Uniswap

You can use the Uniswap in several ways. You can pick the web version or the mobile app and still get the most of it. Follow this guide on how to use Uniswap on mobile.

  • Download the Uniswap app on Android or iOS.
  • Open the app to access the Uniswap interface.
  • Pick a wallet and connect it to Uniswap.
  • Choose a token you want to swap from.
  • Select the token you wish to exchange.
  • Click on the Swap button.
  • View the transaction as shown in the pop-up box.
  • Confirm the request alert in your wallet.
  • Await the transaction confirmation on the Ethereum network. 
  • Use Etherscan to track or monitor the status of your transaction. 

If you’re a beginner, you can also use Uniswap for the first time via other wallets as explained in our guide.

Can You Use USDT On Uniswap?

Uniswap allows you to use USDT. 

Uniswap lets you convert and swap tokens of over 150 major cryptocurrencies and many other stablecoins. USDT is an example of a stablecoin you can exchange on Uniswap. 

To buy an asset on Uniswap, follow this guide;

  • Visit the MetaMask website to download and install it on your browser. We recommend Firefox or Chrome. 
  • Click on the MetaMask icon on your browser’s address bar to open MetaMask.
  • Open your account by setting up a password and ensure you take note of your Secret Backup Phrase. 
  • Fund your MetaMask wallet with $ETH, which will help you buy an ETH token from an exchange. 
  • Purchase on Uniswap. Use the ETH in your wallet to buy your asset. 

Can You Buy Any Crypto On Uniswap?

Besides offering the best exchange platform for crypto assets in the market, as an investor, you can pick from the vast numbers of cryptos on the platform and buy. 

Is Uniswap Better Than Binance And Coinbase?

Uniswap isn’t better than Binance and Coinbase, but they are different. Uniswap is decentralized, while both Binance and Coinbase are centralized.

Let’s look at some advantages of Uniswap:


In comparison, Coinbase has the higher trading fees of the three. Coinbase trading fees start at 0.40%, then Uniswap at 0.30%, and then Binance at 0.10%. Therefore, you’ll get a better bargain on Binance than its competitors. 

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Binance and Coinbase have higher liquidities than Uniswap.

You can only liquidate ERC-20 tokens on Uniswap and, in a particular case, WBTC, which allows you to work with Bitcoin.

On the other hand, its centralized counterparts offer liquidity to almost any pair of cryptocurrencies. 

Digital Assets Support

Uniswap primarily accommodates ERC-20 tokens, while its counterpart Binance and Coinbase can work with other tokens from many blockchains.

Also, Binance and Coinbase allow their users to trade in fiat like GBP and EUR, unlike Uniswap which only supports swaps.

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Final Thoughts

Uniswap supports mobile apps that allow you to exchange and trade crypto coins. It will work on your iPhone via the Freewallet, and you can exchange upwards of 150 different tokens on this platform.