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Does Quicken Track Bitcoin?

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Bitcoin is arguably the most popular digital currency. You do not have to go through a bank or an intermediary to trade in Bitcoin since no strict government regulations exist. 

But most money management applications do not track Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Is Quicken one of them?

Does Quicken Track Bitcoin?

No, Quicken does not track Bitcoin. But there is a workaround. Keep reading to find out.

Quicken cannot track Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency at the time of this writing because it lacks the necessary framework to support this functionality.

Tracking Bitcoin is a brand new idea to most finance and money management software.

Many apps are yet to incorporate such functionality, and some are opting to partner with dedicated crypto tracking apps.

However, Quicken is working on adding crypto tracking to their app. According to their website, Quicken’s team of developers is working to include tracking crypto to their software.

In August 2020, the developer team acknowledged receiving the request from their support forum and shared their plans to add it as a feature.

However, they haven’t released any updates on when they will officially implement and release this feature.

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Although tracking Bitcoin is not yet available on Quicken, it can perform other essential tasks for you like:

Savings and Spending

Through Quicken, you can keep track of what you earn and balance your budget to fit your plans.

Quicken shows all your expenses and helps you classify each expense according to its type. It also gives you real-time updates on your account balances.


Quicken gives you an exceptional budget planning experience. Besides drawing out your budget, the application helps you follow through with it across multiple devices. It also allows you to arrange budget costs according to your priorities.


Quicken also doubles as a retirement planner. No matter the number of retirement accounts, you can have them all under one Quicken account, grow them, and secure your future. 

How To Track Bitcoins In Quicken?

At this time, it’s not possible to track Bitcoin in Quicken. Although Quicken’s team of developers is currently working on this feature, they’re yet to deploy it.

However, there’s a smart workaround you can use for now. Watch this video to learn more:

Does Quicken Connect To Coinbase?

Unfortunately, you cannot connect your Quicken account to Coinbase, although Coinbase has an API. There is no formal agreement between Quicken and Coinbase to offer such functionality.

If you must track your bitcoin portfolio, that means you must have both a Quicken and Coinbase account.

Tips To Keep Track Of Crypto Investments?

There are various ways to grow your investments through successful tracking.

You can track the behavior of your crypto assets and other investments on one platform using a tracker. There is no better investment to follow than cryptocurrency. 

The volatility in the industry can leave you devastated if you lose track of the flow and your inventory of tokens or stocks.

Also, a cryptocurrency tracker can help you maintain a well-spread investment portfolio by letting you reduce or add what isn’t or is performing.

Today, you won’t lack a selection of crypto investment trackers. But, you need to compare and consider several factors when picking a great crypto investment tracker. Let’s look at tips you can use to track your crypto investment successfully:

Good security features

The blockchain network needs robust security features as decentralized as tokens are because no one owns them.

Therefore, trying to figure out how you will track such an investment as an investor can get messy. You need a fast and secure investment manager to survive in the volatile market. 

Automated functionality

You need a crypto portfolio tracker that automates most of your activity. With thousands of tokens in the market, you don’t want to find yourself doing conversions or logging in to your account every time.

Your tracker should give you the conversion of currencies, trends, and upcoming real-time trends.

A unified portfolio

To benefit from using a cryptocurrency tracker, you need one that isn’t limited to crypto only. That’s because, as an investor, you understand, you can’t invest all your money in one place.

Your tracker must give you one platform to handle your other investments if you heed this advice. Check if your tracker can show you the value of all your cryptocurrency in your favorite currency.

Integrates with financial Systems

To qualify as a cryptocurrency investment tracker, it must work with other financial apps and software. Better integration helps the trackers to tap info from places that would rather be difficult to access. 

So, as an investor, check whether the crypto tracker can work with other financial tools and if they support use in many countries or regions.

Final Thoughts

Quicken is one of the best personal finance and money management applications.

Unfortunately, it cannot inherently track Bitcoin transactions other than monitor changes in crypto value.

The good news is that plans are already underway to implement crypto functionality in the application to make it easier for users to track their transactions.