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Can Opensea Use Solana (Beginner’s Guide)

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Solana has received high praise for being a top-notch decentralized network with blazing speed. Some people even call it the “Ethereum Killer.”

Although still in early development, Solana shows immense promise. For example, you can now mint, buy and sell Solana NFTs in various marketplaces.

But does OpenSea support it? We’ll explore that and more below.

Can you buy Solana NFT on OpenSea?

Solana NFTs aren’t available on OpenSea, although a quick Google search will show you results for Solana NFT Chain on OpenSea.

What you’ll see is a collection of NFTs named after Solana but sold in Ether (ETH), Polygon (MATIC), or Klaytn (KLAY).

Since OpenSea runs on the Ethereum ecosystem, it doesn’t natively support Solana or Solana NFTs.

However, there are several Solana NFT marketplaces you can try out today. Here are some popular ones:

Solanart is currently one of the largest Solana NFT marketplaces in the world. Here, you can mint, buy, sell, collect or trade Solana art collections.

Just like OpenSea, all you have to do is connect your Solana wallet to Solanart, and you’re good to go. 

Solanart also features some exciting collections, including:

  • Degenerate Ape Academy
  • Alpha Gorillas
  • Soul Dogs 
  • The Octos.


Another excellent marketplace for Solana NFTs is Solsea.

It has outstanding features, including minting with embedded licenses, rarity ranking on verified collections, and public and private listings. You can also stake your NFT, a feature unique to this platform.

Here are some notable collections on Solsea:

  • 8Bit Pandas
  • Headwinds
  • Ultron Apes
  • FatMonks

Although still in beta at the time of this writing, Digitaleyes Market is another excellent NFT marketplace. You can mint, buy or sell Solana NFTs here.

Like all other NFT marketplaces, you’re free to trade once you link your Solana wallet. 

DigitalEyes has some incredible artwork like:

  • 111 Apes By Rembrandt
  • Popular Apes
  • Eternal Sol
  • Solana Monkey Business OG

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How to Buy an NFT using Solana?

Buying an NFT using Solana is pretty straightforward. There are some prerequisites, however. Here’s what you need: 

A Solana Wallet

You must have a Solana-compatible wallet. You’ll pick between Solflare, Phantom, Sollet, and Clover in many cases.

Phantom is a favorite, especially if you’ve set up a MetaMask wallet before. They have similar designs and easy-to-use interfaces.

Your Solana wallet is what stores Solana’s native crypto coins and your Solana NFTs.

Solana (SOL)

You must purchase SOL from a supported crypto exchange then send it to your wallet.

You’ll have to use a standard crypto exchange like Binance or Coinbase, but you won’t find it on Uniswap or Sushiswap.

Once you’ve purchased SOL, withdraw it to your wallet. 

Buying a Solana NFT

If you’ve bought an NFT on OpenSea before, the process is pretty similar to Solana NFT marketplaces. To go about this:

  • Connect your Solana Wallet to a Solana Marketplace. This process won’t work with an ETH or BTC wallet.
  • Connecting your wallet creates an account for you. After that, select the NFT you want to buy.
  • Using your SOL balance, click on the buy button to make the purchase.
  • Once the transfer is complete, the NFT will move to your account. Here you can move it to your Solana Wallet.

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How Do You Make a Solana NFT Collection?

To create your Solana NFT collection:

  • First, ensure you have a Solana Wallet (like Phantom) loaded with some SOL.
  • You can purchase SOL tokens from Binance, Coinbase, or any other Crypto Exchange platform. If your NFT marketplace allows you to buy SOL directly from your marketplace account, you can also do that.
  • Connect your Wallet to the Solana NFT marketplace (e.g., Solanart)
  • You’ll receive a prompt to upload the art/ images onto the marketplace.
  • Click the mint button on your wallet.
  • Doing this opens a confirmation window in your wallet.
  • Click ‘Approve’ to mint.

Minting doesn’t take much time. It’ll take a few seconds for your NFTs to go live.

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What is the Equivalent of OpenSea for Solana?

If you’re looking for Solana’s equivalent of OpenSea, go no further than

Solanart is the most popular Solana NFT marketplace at the moment. Not only does it feature some of the most appealing Solana NFT assets, but it also has an identical interface to OpenSea. 

From viewing selections to connecting your wallet and buying NFTs, Solanart gives you an exact OpenSea experience, but for the Solana Blockchain.

Can You Buy NFT on Coinbase?

Although you can’t buy NFTs right now on Coinbase, you soon will.

Coinbase has its Coinbase NFT marketplace in the works, but the platform had not yet gone live at the time of this writing. They launched the program in October 2021 and announced it on their official blog. 

Can You Store Solana on MetaMask?

It’s not possible to store your SOL tokens on your MetaMask wallet. MetaMask currently only supports ETH and ETH-based tokens and networks.

That means you’ll have to download and set up a unique Solana wallet for your SOL tokens. 

Here are some popular SOL wallets within the ecosystem:

  • Atomic Wallet.
  • Exodus Wallet.
  • Phantom.
  • Solflare.
  • Sollet.

If you’re looking for a wallet similar to MetaMask, then Phantom is your best bet.

How Much Does It Cost to Make an NFT on Solana?

Minting a single NFT on Solana will incur a 0.012 SOL fee, which, at the time of this writing, translates to about $3. 

Final Thoughts

Solana NFTs are a trend picking up fast in the cryptocurrency world. They’re also quite popular, especially with artists looking to avoid the massive minting gas costs on Ethereum-based platforms like OpenSea.

With Solanart and other SOL-based NFT marketplaces coming up, it won’t be a surprise if, indeed, Solana takes over Ethereum on the NFT front at least.