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4 Best Mining Pools For Hive OS (Guide)

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Mining pools are an exceptional way to earn cryptocurrencies. But as mining difficulty has increased over the years, pooling has become a reliable way to use your limited computing power and still earn an upside. 

In this article, we explore Hive OS, how it works, and how you can use it in your mining rigs to mine new coins. We’ll also explore some mining pools you can join today if you want to get started.

Is Hive OS A Mining Pool?

Hive OS is not a mining pool. Hive OS is a monitoring and management system cryptocurrency miners use to join mining pools and produce blocks for various crypto coins. 

What Is Hive OS?

Hive OS is a Linux-based operating system for GPUs, mining rigs, and CPUs. It supports many mining pools and miners who want to produce blocks of Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC). 

It’s easy to set up Hive OS and join a mining pool. Here are some simple steps to get started.

  • Create a Hive OS Account.

To set up Hive OS, first, create an account. Once you’ve confirmed your identity and login details, you may access your account. You can also set up 2FA for extra security. 

  • Connect Your Rigs

Hive OS calls your rigs and ASICs “workers,” and you can either set them up manually or through Farm Hash. Farm Hash is seamless, so you may prefer that method.

  • Select Your Preferred Installation Type

You can install Hive OS either on your GPU or ASIC miner. Choose an installation setup for the device you own.

  • Download Your Hive OS Setup 

You can download the Hive OS ISO image from the Hive official website and choose between a .zip and a .torrent file. 

  • Create a Disk Image and Install Image onto Rig

Use an 8GB flash drive (or larger) to create a bootable Hive OS. Insert it on your rig and wait for the image to install. 

Best Mining Pools For Hive OS:

Here are our top 4 best mining pools for mining Ethereum:

Hiveon Pool

The Hiveon mining pool focuses on helping users mine Ethereum Classic and Ethereum. It runs on the Hive OS system. 

One unique thing about the Hiveon Pool is that it runs a Pay Per Last N Share (PPLNS) and the Pay Per Share (PPS) payout systems. So, if you’re using the Hiveon Pool, you earn for every valid slot you contribute to the mining pool. This payment method is uniform for all miners, whether you joined at the beginning of the project or today.


  • Actual fee: 0.08%
  • Miner Extractable Value: 100% 
  • Payout mode: Pay Per Share Plus(PPS+)
  • Standard pool fees: 0%


  • Simple to install.
  • A community on social media 
  • Negligible fees for Ethereum miners.
  • User-friendly interface. 
  • Easy to use.


  • Little or no information on ownership of the platform. 
  • It’s limited to two cryptos.
  • Hive OS is still new to users.


F2Pool is one of the premier mining pools in the crypto world and is the go-to platform for many miners. You can use it to mine over 40 cryptocurrencies. 

Once you join F2Pool, you can begin mining crypto directly. This mining pool has a straightforward interface that you can use to check out the performances of your mining activity, track your revenue and confirm your balances. 


  • Actual Fee: 2%
  • Miner Extractable Value: 2%
  • Standard pool fee: 2%
  • Payout mode: PPS+


  • Perfect for all types of crypto miners.
  • Excellent customer support team.
  • Light to your gadgets.
  • Easy to use.


  • Prone to errors
  • Frequent sign-in problems
  • High chance of losing data


Ethermine is estimated to have one of the highest hash rates among Ethereum mining pools. Today, a third of the Ethereum network is served by Ethermine.

You get a mining commission of about 1% on Ethermine, and miners get to keep the entire portion of the Miner Extractable Value (MEV), making Ethermine a great mining pool for Users seeking higher returns on their participation. 


  • Real Fee: roughly 0.9%
  • Miner Extractable Value: 0%
  • Standard pool fee: 1%
  • Payout mode: PPLNS


  • The best hash rate.
  • Users receive 100% of the MEV profits.
  • It has servers globally.


  • Ethermine lacks live chat or customer support
  • High costs of withdrawing your ETH.
  • No clear layout of the gas fees.


FlexPool is barely two years in, and ranks as one of the best mining pools. Flexpool holds the record for the most advanced mining pool with impressive computing power. It supports Ethereum, Chia, and Ethereum Classic. 

FlexPool has a significant presence worldwide and promises great profitability for its users. It runs excellent software, which helps it handle mining operations across its platform. 


  • Actual Fee: averagely 0.95%
  • Miner Extractable Value: 5%
  • Standard pool fee: 0.9%
  • Payout mode: PPLNS


  • Impressive user platform
  • A good community backing.
  • It can run on Linux, Cloud, and Windows.


  • Uncertain email and telegram support.
  • High MEV.

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Is Hive OS Good For Mining?

Hive OS is excellent for mining. It offers some of the best features. Let’s look at some of the components of Hive OS:

Setup, Monitor, and Control

The Hive OS management system is easy to use, even for newbie miners. You can monitor how the mining of your Ethereum is going without experiencing hangups or downtime. 

Solution for all

The Hive OS works well with most of the rigs in the market today. You’ll have a seamless experience installing and using Hive OS on your new and modern rigs. 

Great interface

You can track your activity through the Hive OS dashboard. You get notifications about your hash rate, power use reports, and other metrics. Also, you can run updates, restart your GPU and troubleshoot the system straight from the dashboard.

Which Pool Is Best For Ethereum Mining?

There isn’t one specific pool that’s best for mining Ethereum. Each mining pool solves a unique problem for Ethereum users, and you can always find one that meets your criteria and expectations. 

If you want a pool with the best hash rate and use, go for Ethermine. If you want to be part of the most affordable pool overall, then Hiveon Pool will serve you best. 

Final Thoughts

Hive OS is an excellent software for participating in mining pools. You can install it pretty easily and use it across different mining pools. Check it out today and join millions of miners in pools to sustain crypto ecosystems.