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8 Best Mining Pools For Goldshell Mini-DOGE

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The Mini-DOGE miner from Goldshell was launched in June 2021 to offer an alternative to using industrial-grade Scrypt-algorithm miners.

The relatively tiny box miner can churn out a max hash rate of 185MH/s while consuming 233W. Impressive output figures for a small ASIC machine of its size.

With the Mini-DOGE, you can mine several coins that use the Scrypt algorithm, including Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Verge (XVG), and DigiByte (DGB). To do that, you will need to join a mining pool.

This guide features 8 of the best pools to join if you are looking to mine Scrypt coins using the Goldshell Mini-DOGE miner. Read on to also find out which is the best pool to use for mining Dogecoin specifically.

8 Best Mining Pools For Goldshell Mini-DOGE

1. LitecoinPool

Litecoinpool is one of the Oldest mining pools that support merged mining for Litecoin and Dogecoin.

It was established in 2011, a short while following the launch of Litecoin. The pool currently contributes over 109 TH/s toward the LTC and Dogecoin networks, making it one of the leading hash rate contributors to both.

Given its popularity and the need to discourage centralization, new registrations are often subject to pre-approval.

Payouts are made in LTC even though the pool allows for merged mining of several Scrypt-based altcoins.

2. ViaBTC

ViaBTC is a China-based cryptocurrency mining pool that was initially launched to offer pool mining services for Bitcoin. Shortly after its launch, it expanded into altcoins starting with Litecoin.

The pool contributes about 109 TH/s of computing power to the mining of both Litecoin and Dogecoin, making it the largest pool so far.

There are several advantages to joining ViaBTC, including an easy registration process which, unlike Litecoinpool, is open to the public without being subject to approval.

3. F2Pool

F2Pool is one of few options recommended by Goldshell in the Mini-DOGE’s user interface, currently contributing about 67 TH/s of computing power to the Litecoin/Dogecoin networks. Anyone can easily join and start mining for LTC or DOGE coins immediately.

Miners are subject to a 4% commission on their earnings paid out through the popular PPS payout plan, and the minimum payout is 0.02 LTC or its equivalent in other Scrypt coins.

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4. Poolin

Poolin mining pool is among the five largest contributors of computing power towards the Dogecoin and Litecoin networks, currently rated at 60.3 TH/s.

Mining fees are 3%, with miner rewards paid out after hitting a 0.01 LTC threshold.

The pool was launched in September 2017 and is headquartered in Beijing, China. Outside the Scrypt-based altcoins, the pool also supports mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Zen, ZCash, and Bitcoin Cash, among a few others.


Antpool is another China-based mining pool with support for Scrypt altcoins such as Litecoin and Dogecoin. Like most of the other pools on this list, Antpool also provides dual mining for LTC and DOGE at a 3% fee paid out through the PPS share payout scheme.

Established in March 2014, ANTPOOL is one of the oldest pools in the market. It is a subsidiary of Bitmain, the manufacturer of AntMiner, currently the most powerful machine used to mine Bitcoin and other similar PoW SHA-256 coins.

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6. Trustpool

Trustpool is one of the best alternatives for beginner miners at the moment, with low commission rates and payout threshold.

Currently, pool members are charged an extremely low 1% commission, and rewards are paid out once they reach 0.001 LTC using PPS+ sharing.

The pool is based in Moscow, Russia, with servers in Russia, China, and Europe. Other than support for Scrypt-based coins such as LTC and DOGE, pool members can also mine BTC, BCH, RVN, ETH, ETC, ZEC, and DASH, among others.


EMCD Tech is a promising startup mining pool with support for sha256, Scrypt, Ethash, and X11 mining algorithms. Therefore, pool members have the option to contribute to various sub-pools representing up to 8 coins, including Liteocin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

The pool offers generous perks to its members such as zero payout threshold (except for ETH and ETC), 1.5% commission paid out through the FPPS+ scheme, and servers conveniently located in hotspots within Eastern Europe and Asia.

8. Pool mining pool is an affiliated entity of the broader brand that offers other complementary services, including a blockchain explorer and a Bitcoin wallet.

Pool members have the option of mining amongst several coins, among them being Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), and Dogecoin (DOGE).

The pool contributes about 5.6TH/s of computing power to the Litecoin/Dogecoin networks through merged mining. Pool members can connect to one of the three available servers based in North America, Europe, and Singapore.

What Is The Best Pool For Mining Dogecoin?

If you are seeking to mine Dogecoin using the Goldshell Mini-DOGE miner, there are a few critical considerations to make, including:

  • Pool mining fees (commission) – since the Mini-DOGE is a small miner, expected rewards should be minimal; therefore, it is important to choose a pool with a low mining fee to increase returns;
  • Server location – it is important to ensure your miner is connected to a server that is as close to you as possible to reduce latency. This way, you can make maximum use of your underpowered Mini-DOGE;
  • Pool history – small pools typically charge the lowest fees to attract more miners but most are prone to mismanagement and low returns. Choose a mid-ranked pool to avoid paying high fees and a poorly-managed mining pool.

EMCD Tech is one of the best mining pools for mining Dogecoin, especially for someone running a low-powered miner such as the Mini-DOGE.

The pool has no minimum threshold, has been around since 2017, its pool mining fees are 1.5%, and has a strong community within the Eastern Europe and Asia regions.

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Final thoughts

Due to its small size, the Goldshell Mini-DOGE is a great starter mining machine for beginners or small-scale hobbyist miners. It is affordable, makes decent power, has minimal noise levels, and is extremely energy efficient.

As we have outlined in this guide, there are several mining pools that will allow a Mini-DOGE miner to participate.

The ones featured in our list above may be among the best but they are not the only ones. We highly recommend that you research the market for a pool that works for your particular circumstances.