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The Best Mining Pool For Tron (TRX) – Guide

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Tron (TRX) is a cryptocurrency chased for its value of trade and also its technology for data storage. However, many scratch their heads when it comes down to how one can get their hands onto this coin.

In this article, we will explain the fundamentals about Tron in the most comprehensive way possible so that you can decide if this cryptocurrency is what you have been looking for. If it is, you will also learn how you can get your way to it.

Can Tron be mined?

No, it cannot. This might sound weird since the title of this article focuses on the best mining pools to get Tron.

The thing here is, getting Tron involves a sort of trick which is finding a mining pool that will reward you with the coin, even if you are not mining it directly.

Tron isn’t built with a Proof of Work protocol, but rather Proof of Stake, so you would usually have to buy it. However, some mining pools can give Tron to you when you mine Ether if you agree with it.

Then the question gets raised: why would anyone want to get paid in Tron rather than Ether?

First, let’s check the basic description of Tron: a blockchain-based decentralized protocol project that aims to be a content delivery platform for the digital entertainment industry.

There is a total of TRX, but not all of it is already in circulation. Tron sells to partners, wallets, and exchanges, and then the coins go around and can eventually reach all types of users, like you.

This seems similar to many projects. But Tron goes a bit beyond.

The Tron network is designed to make entertainment content easier to sell and cheaper to consume.

In theory, this goal is achieved by placing content on a blockchain and creators and consumers on a peer-to-peer network, thus eliminating intermediary agents

As explained on its website, the Tron protocol offers “scalability, high availability and high throughput that supports all decentralized applications in the Tron ecosystem”.

The network encourages users to create their decentralized entertainment apps.

All Tron platform applications and partnerships will natively allow the use of other cryptocurrencies on the Tron protocol.

All transactions over the protocol are converted to TRX automatically before processing and transferred back to the user in the appropriate currency.

Tron intends to conquer the internet through the following resources:

  • Free and uncontrolled data;
  • Content ecosystem where users can acquire digital assets through content dissemination;
  • own ICO with the ability to distribute digital assets;
  • Infrastructure that allows the distributed exchange of digital assets.

Moreover, Tron has seen a great market capitalization, and at the time this article is being written, it is in 24th place (this is very likely to change, so click the link below to check). Some experts see in its tech a rival to Ethereum, thus making it highly attractive for crypto enthusiasts that want to experiment with a new alternative.

If you want to check how much Tron is worth right now, click here.

How to mine and get paid in Tron?

Alright, so all it takes to get paid in Tron is to find mining pools that pay you in Tron. If you don’t know what a mining pool is, it is essentially a cooperative effort among miners when none of them have enough power to mine alone.

That way, each miner lends their computing power (it can be of their GPU or CPU) to try and be the next to validate transactions in the blockchain.

Once a validation is succeeded in the pool, each miner gets a reward equivalent to the percentage of power he or she contributed with.

So far, it looks pretty fair. This method helps to keep competition balanced since not everyone has the most powerful Nvidia GTX or AMD Ryzen.

To find a mining pool, you don’t need to go looking for individual miners online on forums, Reddit, etc.

Mining pools are very well-organized enterprises, and you can find sites where you get all the information you need to join that pool.

If you are an Apple user, check Mining Pools For Mac Users.

However, before we even tell you which mining pools you can join to get paid in Tron, we should talk about other requirements.

First: hardware. There are four different algorithms supported in the only pool that rewards Tron: ethash, etchash, Kawpow, and RandomX.

Three out of those need to be mined with a GPU (or ASIC in the case of ethash). The best is to mine Ether (ethash), as it has great value, and then what you get in Tron is also a high value.

That, though, would require you to get an ASIC, which is too expensive. Alternatively, you can mine other coins and get different rewards.

Some coins can be mined both with GPU and CPU. Even so, CPU mining is highly discouraged. On networks that support both, you will have few results.

And even if the pool you joined successfully mines anything, your rewards will be very low since your CPU can’t help with much power.

TLDR: want to mine and get rewarded with Tron? You need a GPU.

Even before start mining, you need to create an account at some wallet. Once you have a wallet, you will have the address to which your Tron coins will go.

The easiest to use, most trusted wallets you can use to store the Tron coins you receive are:

Best mining pool to get paid in Tron

The simplest way to get Tron, if you have money, is just to buy it. However, if you don’t want to buy it, you will have to acquire it through a mining pool.

Even though we already said “mining pools” in the above topics, there is only one widely known pool where you can join to mine altcoins and get paid in Tron.

Perhaps one can dig deeper in forums and find lesser-known pools doing the job. This time, though, we will teach you to get started in the Unmineable mining pool. The name already says it all: you are mining to get a coin that can’t be mined.

First step

You need to download an excellent GPU mining software that can mine one of the coins available to mine on the Unmineable mining pool. We recommend that you use Claymore Dual Miner to mine for Ether.

Second step

Once your download has been completed, open the batch file “start_only_eth”

Third step

Go to Unmineable and copy the Ethash algorithm. It is the info on “global server”.

Fourth Step

Now in the text file you see, find “” and replace it with your “receive” address.

Fifth step

Go to your wallet and find the address to be used for receiving Tron. This address must be copied to “your wallet address”.

Then type in “allpools1” after the address. This allows switching between currencies without crashing.

It is recommended you change the bat file from ETH to TRX so you don’t make confusion.

Sixth step

Make sure you renamed the files and all info you just wrote is correct. Then close everything and launch the mining software.

Wait a moment until you receive a message saying that Tron mining has begun.

Mining other coins for Tron

Claymore is one of the best options to mine Ether, but if you don’t want to mine Ether, you can also mine other currencies with the help of Unmineable and still get paid in Tron. The process of setting everything up is similar.

Unmineable gives plenty of support for you to start mining, so check its guides if you want to mine with different software, or mine a different currency.

Best alternative coins to mine

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, even new ones, are always hungry for info. With that in mind, we will point you to which other coins are worth mining that might have relevancy similar to Tron.


VeChain is a platform that aims to make supply chain management effective, efficient and transparent.

The strategy is to use blockchain technology to create an irrefutable and inviolable chain of registration that will follow the movement of products in real-time.

A large part of the functioning of the VeChain network goes through the currency known as VET. It can be bought and sold and its movements are tracked via blockchain so you always know where it is and who owns it.

VeChain is not mineable, but just like Tron, you can “mine” it on the Unmineable platform.


The smart economy that Neo talks about is defined as the combination of digital assets, digital identity, and smart contracts.

Together, when these three things work together, they make a smart economy.

Neo wants to promote the transfer of traditional assets to digital ones. These assets would be decentralized and their transfer process would be carried out through an intelligent contract.

Neo allows the digital identities of individuals and companies to interact and exchange digital assets through smart and secure contracts.


Hedera is a project with distributed ledger technology focused on business use. The system uses a hashgraph-based consensus algorithm to allow the network to spread across multiple threads of blocks, rather than a single continuous network.

The project supposedly offers a capacity of 10,000 transactions per second.

Hedera is an exciting project, thus getting access to its network is something that many crypto enthusiasts want. You can either mine it directly or get it through Unmineable.

Final Thoughts

It’s always been known that you can get access to unmineable coins without having to buy them. However, the Unmineable mining pool makes this even easier, as you can exchange your mined coins for the desired ones immediately.

If you want to get Tron, that is the way you can get it. You can also check all other coins available at Unmineable, including the exciting ones we listed above.